My Prayer Is, Whispers and Wisdoms for the Heart

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What readers are saying about My Prayer Is

I want to share my experience from reading My Prayers Is Whispers and Wisdoms for the Heart.️ Each day as I read, it may be a variety of prayers or just one, I’m witnessing the Lord's presence speaking to me within my soul in His calm and quiet voice. How refreshing it is to have this experience of peace and joy. Just by reading the written words and prayers, I truly encourage everyone to invest in this book. What a great return I'm receiving for my soul that’s filled with godly peace and wisdom. There's even space for journaling after each chapter to record your thoughts. Thank you Necci for taking the time to listen to the voice of the Lord, and unselfishly sharing those words and prayers with the world.

Yolanda D.

Necci Headen Cooper has done it again, reflecting not only words that inspire and encourage but draws the reader closer to the Lord in this great balladry in the age of “loud noise.” My Prayer Is has captured the ear and heart to comfort in brief and profound ways. Thank you!

Rose G.

My Prayer Is: Whispers and Wisdoms of the Heart brings the reader to a place of healing, encouragement, insight, and peace. It promotes the desire to draw nearer to a personal relationship with God, as well as knowing oneself better. You, the reader, will IMMEDIATELY find prayers that are for YOU! I read the first 35 pages through TWICE in my initial reading because her prayers spoke to me. The words of wisdom offered provides you with light to see the road ahead as you travel through the trials that life can sometimes bring. You’ll be motivated to find your wings and fly higher, words to speak softer, and your ears to hear clearer. All of which and more, He, our God, is waiting to give us.

Renita H.

Prayer connects the heart to God and wellness connects you to a healthy and whole life.

Necci Headen Cooper